How To Become A Stronger Injury-Free Swimmer
Functional Movement Video Course for Swimmers 
Train your body the way it was designed to move
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Here's How the Functional Movement Course for Swimmers Will Help You
Retraining your body's Functional Movements effectively addresses the root causes of common swimming injuries including poor posture, stiff upper mid back and poor shoulder and hip joint stabilization.

Moving functionally facilitates the naturally spiraling and bending movements of your spine and concurrently trains core strength, flexibility, rhythm, coordination and balance all at once thereby helping prevent future injuries, accelerating recovery and enhancing performance.
Meet Your Coach
Carl Reader is a renowned Functional Movement Coach and has a background in Exercise Physiology and Pilates who for years and years it was impossible for him to move and play sport without back pain. Carl noticed many traditional strengthening exercises and stretching methods were not necessarily functional or natural movements.

So, Carl studied the body's natural movement patterns and how they address the root causes of pain and injury and was able to personally overcome his own back pain. It is his passion to help others and has created this 6-module, 30 instructional videos program, specifically for swimmers to increase their performance and reduce the risk of injury.
Inside you will learn:
  • How to move intelligently which is the key to eliminate recurring and persistent injuries thereby allowing your body to heal and increase your performance
  • How to enhance your awareness of your bodies natural movement patterns, allowing you to make minor adjustments to dramatically improve your results
  • How to train and strengthen your core correctly, so you're able to support your back, improve posture and swim more efficiently.
  • How to develop the 'serape' effect, so you save energy and use your entire body while swimming
  • Optimal techniques and tips to use for many regular exercises done at home or the gym, specifically for swimmers
  • How to connect your key, core muscles with the rest of your movements to develop powerful hip-driven and shoulder-driven strokes, especially freestyle
  • And so much more including a comment section to ask questions and post your successes.
A Breakdown of Each Training Module
Module 1 - Functional Squat
Module 1 consists of 5 short instructional videos introducing you to the Functional Squat.

Here you will learn,
  • The difference between a Functional Squat and a regular Gym Squat for enhanced swimming performance
  • 7 benefits of the Functional Squat for swimmers
  • How to correctly perform the Functional Squat for ultimate core activation
  • 7 common mistakes people make when they squat and how to correct them
  • The one little known stretch to open your back that you've never been shown before
Module 2 - Functional Core
In Module 2 we look at the importance of having a Functional Core to improve your swimming. 

In these 6 videos, you will learn,
  • How to correctly activate all your core muscles at once for increased stability and power
  • A simple stretch to loosen your mid back you can perform while sitting at your desk
  • How to execute the Squat Core
  • How to intensify the Squat Core for further core training
  • The modified deadlift technique for core activation
  • BONUS - Small modifications to your current exercises to enhance your core activation when swimming
Module 3 - Functional Rotations
Rotation is a pivotal part of how our bodies move. The 5 videos in Module 3 dissect the dangers of poor rotation and how our bodies naturally want to rotate for maximum power and avoid injury.

Here you will learn,
  • The importance of understanding the body's natural rotation techniques to generate maximal power
  • The serape effect of muscles and how to use it to your advantage in the water
  • Modified bicep curl to create a kinetic chain of muscles, trained as one
  • A boxing technique to increase your stroke power in the water
  • A variation of the traditional shoulder press to remove the strain and stress on your shoulder joints
Module 4 - Functional Pulls
Module 4 breaks down how the body wants to move in a pulling situation. These 3 videos show you how to replicate your swimming action using pulling exercises.

Here you will learn,
  • 2 functional pulling exercises to boost and strengthen your rotation
  • Swimming specific exercises to improve your stroke while maintaining energy
  • How to correctly hold an exercise band to avoid neck strain
Module 5 - Functional Warmups
Module 5 is all about warming up. Many common techniques of the past are now known not to be as effective as once thought.

In these 5 videos, you will learn,
  • Why we now do dynamic warmups and not static stretches
  • 1 common stretch that is doing you harm
  • 2 exercises to improve your shoulder mobility
  • 4 warmup exercises specific to swimming to improve your flexibility
  • 4 lower body dynamic warmups
  • BONUS - 2 shoulder stretch tips to modify a common stretch that is causing you harm
Module 6 - Functional Spinal Movement
Module 6 looks at the impact a healthy spine has on your swimming and overall health. In these 6 videos, we explore the flexibility of your spine and how to take care of it now and in the future.

You will learn,
  • How your spine rotates and understanding the stress points
  • The difference between stretching your nerves and stretching your muscles
  • How to naturally extend your spine
  • How to safely rotate your spine to avoid injury
  • A popular lateral flexion exercise you should stop doing and the alternative to replace it
  • Final thoughts to help you improve your swimming
"In every session I have been blown away at the body, how each part is connected to the other. Carl educates in personal and practical way which I've found to be highly beneficial in my everyday life, bending, lifting, stair climbing. What I appreciate is that every movement, and how it's presented, is how the body should move naturally and without strain"
- Toni Naude
At Completion of the Functional Movement for Swimmers Course, You Can Expect
Stronger core for increased stability, improved posture, and swimming efficiency
Clearer understanding of your body's anatomy and its natural movement patterns
Fewer injuries and pain-free swimming
Improved swimming technique conserving more energy
The ability to switch on your core at will
Increased flexibility in your shoulders and back
The Functional Movement for Swimmers Course consists of
  • 6 easy to follow Training Modules,
  • 30 Instruction Videos, each expertly delivered by one of the most respected functional movement coaches in the fitness industry, and
  • a Private Membership Group to ask questions and share successes.
All for only $39 USD
Engaging Carl for a 4-week one-on-one coaching program will cost you $279 USD, making the Functional Movement for Swimmers Course fantastic value.
Gain instant access to all these resources and take the guesswork out of your swim strength program.