Take 5 Seconds Off Your 100 Metres in Only 5 Days...Guaranteed!
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What is the 5 Day Catch Challenge?
The 5 Day Catch Challenge is a unique easy to follow step-by-step online swimming coaching program that guarantees you will shave at least 5 seconds off your 100-metre time in 5 days or your money back.

It is the brainchild of National swimmer and coach Brenton Ford, who routinely works with triathletes, national, and international competitive swimmers to improve their technique.

Brenton has helped over 6200+ swimmers of all abilities and speeds to improve, even those with minimal swimming background.

Now, everyone from amateur athletes to weekend warriors have the opportunity to receive elite level tips and training to improve their freestyle, making them faster and more energy-efficient in the pool or open water.

Included in the 5 Day Catch Challenge
  • Unique step-by-step program to improve your catch for increased speed and efficiency in the pool or open water
  • 5 detailed videos to coach you through the process with demonstrations from an Olympian swimmer
  • 8 detailed drills including our Catch Kick, Power Diamond, and YMCA drills to perfect your stroke
  • Support inside the program by Head Coach Brenton Ford to keep you on track
  • A structured workout of approximately 1km for each day to create new muscle memory
  • Ability to complete the course on your own time making it ideal for busy people
  • Guaranteed to cut 5 seconds off your 100 metres in 5 days or your money back
  • All for only $10
  • Videos are with English, German, Italian and Spanish subtitles. 

    * The correct finger position for an efficient technique to slice through the water
    * The slapping noise that tells you your entry is correct
    * If you are a cross-over or train-tracks swimmer, and which one you should be
    * 2 common mistakes causing excess bubbles and how to fix them
    * One little trick to increase your speed and stroke efficiency
    * Why your finger depth matters and where they should be
    * How to streamline your stroke for maximum efficiency
    * 2 common mistakes that are keeping you in the slow lane no matter hard you try and how to change that
    * My 20/80 rule you will want to know if you desire to swim faster for longer
    * The #1 goal of the catch position
    * The difference between a high and low elbow catch position (and it's not what you think)
    * What is the Power Diamond, and why will it make you a stronger swimmer?
    * Why the Power Diamond is the breakthrough you have been looking for
    * How the Power Diamond will dramatically improve your stroke
    * The 4 essential positions in your freestyle stroke that will make you glide through the water even in choppy swell
    * The slow to fast method and why you must use it
    * The hip connection and why it is so important for efficiency
    * The key to maintaining constant pressure through every stroke without exhausting your shoulders
  • The amateur triathlete who wants to take their swimming to the next level and not feel completely exhausted at the end of the swim leg
  • The swimmer who is embarrassed because they cannot keep up with people who are not as fit as them
  • The swimmer who wants to finally find the solution to fixing their stroke
  • The swimmer or triathlete who wants to lead the pack and finish on the podium
  • The person who enjoys swimming, but their technique makes it hard work
  • People who have tried conventional coaching methods but didn't see any results for their effort
  • The swimmer who wants to improve their stroke but can't afford or doesn't have the ability to work with a coach
  • Someone who struggles with open water swimming
  • The person who secretly desires recognition as a good swimmer
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long do I have access to the course for?
  •     There's no expiry on how long you have access to the 5 Day Catch Challenge, so you can view the videos for as long as you like.
  • Does the challenge need to be done on 5 consecutive days?
  •     We understand that not everyone can get to the pool five days in a row, so we simply recommend spreading the five days of the course across five swims. We've had swimmers repeat each lesson before moving onto the next one, and this also works very well.
  • Do you cater for other languages?
  •     We have English, German, Italian and Spanish subtitles for each video inside the course.